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sanguinary of a murderous nature or in a murderous state of mind; bloodthirsty. [2 definitions]
sanguine having an optimistic temperament or outlook. [3 definitions]
sanguineous of, pertaining to, or involving blood or bloodshed; bloody. [3 definitions]
Sanhedrin the highest court and legislative council for secular as well as sacred matters in ancient Judea.
sanicle any of various plants having long-stalked leaves and bearing clusters of small flowers.
sanitarium a hospital or resort where patients go to regain or improve their health.
sanitary free from contaminants or sources of infection; clean; sterile. [2 definitions]
sanitary belt a narrow belt made from elastic which is used to hold a sanitary napkin in place.
sanitary engineering the branch of civil engineering that deals with public waste disposal, water supply, and the like.
sanitary napkin a thick absorbent pad worn externally to absorb menstrual flow.
sanitation the design and practice of methods for solving basic public health problems such as drainage, sewage treatment, and waste removal.
sanitize to rid of germs or dirt; make sanitary.
sanity the state or quality of being sane. [2 definitions]
San Josť the capital of Costa Rica.
San Jose scale a type of scale insect that destroys fruit trees and other plants.
San Juan the seaport capital of Puerto Rico.
sank past tense of sink.
Sankhya a system of philosophy, practiced by Hindus, that is based on the dualism of spirit and matter.
San Marino a small country within eastern Italy, or its capital.
sannyasi a Hindu monk.
sans without.