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Santa Claus in North American folklore, a chubby, jolly, bearded old fellow who embodies the charitable spirit of Christmas. He wears a red suit, lives at the North Pole, and brings children presents at Christmas; St. Nicholas; St. Nick; Kriss Kringle.
Santa Fe the capital of New Mexico.
Santiago the capital of Chile.
Santo Domingo the capital of the Dominican Republic. [3 definitions]
santonica the European wormwood. [2 definitions]
santonin a poisonous crystalline compound extracted from wormwood.
São Paulo a large city of southeastern Brazil.
Sao Tome and Principe an island country in the Gulf of Guinea off the coast of Gabon in western Africa.
sap1 the fluid that carries nutrients throughout the circulatory systems of plants, esp. trees. [4 definitions]
sap2 a deep, covered trench that leads to an enemy position or fortification, used for surprise attacks and ambushes. [4 definitions]
saphena either of two large superficial veins of the leg.
sapid having taste or flavor, esp. an agreeable taste. [2 definitions]
sapient having or showing great wisdom; sage.
sapiential having or offering wisdom.
sapling a young tree.
sapodilla a large tropical American evergreen that yields an edible fruit and a latex from which chicle is obtained. [2 definitions]
saponaceous like soap; soapy.
saponify to make soap of (a fat). [4 definitions]
saponin any of a group of glycosides that form an emulsion in water and are used in detergents.
saponite a hydrous silicate of aluminum and magnesium that is found as a soft, soapy filling in cavities of certain rocks.
sapor the quality in a substance that is perceptible to the sense of taste; flavor; savor.