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sap1 the fluid that carries nutrients throughout the circulatory systems of plants, esp. trees. [4 definitions]
sap2 a deep, covered trench that leads to an enemy position or fortification, used for surprise attacks and ambushes. [4 definitions]
saphena either of two large superficial veins of the leg.
sapid having taste or flavor, esp. an agreeable taste. [2 definitions]
sapient having or showing great wisdom; sage.
sapiential having or offering wisdom.
sapling a young tree.
sapodilla a large tropical American evergreen that yields an edible fruit and a latex from which chicle is obtained. [2 definitions]
saponaceous like soap; soapy.
saponify to make soap of (a fat). [4 definitions]
saponin any of a group of glycosides that form an emulsion in water and are used in detergents.
saponite a hydrous silicate of aluminum and magnesium that is found as a soft, soapy filling in cavities of certain rocks.
sapor the quality in a substance that is perceptible to the sense of taste; flavor; savor.
sappanwood a tree native to India whose wood yields a red dye. [2 definitions]
sapper one who digs saps or does similar field excavation for military purposes.
Sapphic of or pertaining to Sappho. [3 definitions]
sapphire a precious gemstone that is usu. deep blue. [2 definitions]
sapphirine of, resembling, or consisting of sapphire. [3 definitions]
sapphism lesbianism.
Sappho a Greek female poet (early sixth century B.C.).
sappy full of or covered with sap. [3 definitions]