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savings an amount of money that a person saves.
savings account a bank account that earns interest, and on which checks may not be drawn.
savings and loan association a bank, usu. owned by its depositors, that pays interest to them on their savings, which it uses for lending for a variety of purposes.
savings bank a bank that receives the savings of depositors and pays them interest on the deposit.
savior someone who rescues or saves people from danger or destruction. [2 definitions]
savoir-faire the ability to know how to act or what to say in any situation; social adeptness.
savor the taste or smell of something, or a particular taste or smell. [6 definitions]
savorless combined form of savor.
savory1 having a pleasant taste or smell; appetizing. [4 definitions]
savory2 any of various aromatic herbs related to mint, used esp. as a seasoning in cooking.
savvy (informal) sophisticated and intuitive understanding, esp. of the way organizations work and of people's motives for action. [3 definitions]
saw1 a hand or power tool with a thin metal blade edged with sharp teeth, used for cutting hard materials such as wood or metal. [6 definitions]
saw2 past tense of see1.
saw3 a common proverb or saying; maxim.
sawbuck a sawhorse, esp. one whose legs project above the crosspiece.
sawdust the tiny particles that result from sawing wood.
sawed-off having an end that has been cut or sawed off, as a shotgun barrel.
sawfish any of various tropical saltwater fish related to rays that have a long flat bladelike snout with large sharp teeth on either side.
sawfly any of various destructive four-winged insects, the females of which have sawlike organs on their abdomens that are used to make cuts in plants in which they deposit eggs.
sawhorse a four-legged frame designed to support wood that is being sawed, usu. used in pairs.
sawmill a building or plant in which lumber is cut into boards, planks, or the like.