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sawhorse a four-legged frame designed to support wood that is being sawed, usu. used in pairs.
sawmill a building or plant in which lumber is cut into boards, planks, or the like.
sawn a past participle of saw1.
saw-toothed having teeth or notched edges like a saw, as various plants; serrate.
sawyer someone who saws timber as an occupation. [2 definitions]
sax (informal) a saxophone.
saxhorn any of a group of valved brass wind instruments, varying in range from soprano to bass, that are played esp. in bands.
saxifrage any of a number of herbs that bear small yellow, red, or white flowers in low clusters.
Saxon a member of the Germanic people that inhabited northern Germany and invaded England in the fifth and sixth centuries. [4 definitions]
Saxony a former state, now a region in southern Germany. [3 definitions]
saxophone any of several wind instruments that have a conical metal body, finger keys, and a mouthpiece with a single reed; alto, tenor, baritone, soprano, or bass saxophone.
say to speak or utter. [16 definitions]
sayable able or suitable to be said.
saying a well-known statement, esp. a proverb.
sayonara (Japanese) good-bye; farewell.
say-so (informal) the authority or power to make a decision. [3 definitions]
say uncle to yield; give up.
SB abbreviation of "Senate bill."
Sb symbol of the chemical element antimony.
Sc symbol of the chemical element scandium.
SC abbreviation of "South Carolina," a southeastern U.S. state on the Atlantic coast, between North Carolina and Georgia.