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scabbard a sheath or case for a sword, dagger, or the like. [2 definitions]
scabby covered with or consisting of scabs; having scabs.
scabies a contagious skin disease that is caused by mites that live under the skin, resulting in severe itching. [2 definitions]
scabiosa any of various plants related to teasel that have opposite leaves and bear showy flat or domed flower heads.
scabrous characterized by a rough or scaly surface, as the leaf of a plant. [3 definitions]
scad1 any of a number of tropical and subtropical sea fishes related to the pompanos.
scad2 (informal; usu. pl.) a great number or amount; a lot.
scaffold an elevated temporary platform that is used to hold workers and materials during the construction or maintenance of a building. [5 definitions]
scaffolding one or more scaffolds at a particular site. [2 definitions]
scalar able to be represented by a position on a line or scale, as temperature or a particular degree of temperature. [3 definitions]
scalawag (informal) a rascal or troublemaker; dishonest person. [2 definitions]
scald to burn with or as if with a hot liquid or steam. [6 definitions]
scalding hot, as liquids, to the point of causing pain or burns. [2 definitions]
scale1 one of the many small, hard, thin plates that cover fish, reptiles, and certain mammals. [7 definitions]
scale2 (often pl.) an apparatus used for weighing.
scale3 a series of successive steps or degrees. [10 definitions]
scale back to reduce the size or extent of something from what it currently is or what it previously had been.
scale insect any of numerous four-winged sucking insects, the females of which cover themselves with a round, waxy scale, under which they live on plants and deposit their eggs.
scalene of a triangle, having sides of unequal lengths.
scalene triangle a triangle that has three sides with different lengths.
scaling ladder a long ladder used to reach to or over the tops of high walls, as by troops besieging a fortress.