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scantling a small piece of wood or lumber, esp. an upright piece in the frame of a house. [2 definitions]
scanty barely adequate; meager. [2 definitions]
-scape a view or scene. [2 definitions]
scape a leafless flower stem growing straight up from the crown in certain plants. [2 definitions]
scapegoat one made to bear the blame for the wrongs of others. [2 definitions]
scapegrace one who is completely wicked or unprincipled; rogue.
scapula either of the two flat, roughly triangular bones that form the back part of a human shoulder; shoulder blade.
scapular a loose, sleeveless outer garment, sometimes with a cowl, that is worn by monks. [5 definitions]
scar the mark that remains on living tissue when a wound or burn has healed, or on a stem when a leaf, flower, or fruit has dropped from a plant. [5 definitions]
scarab any of various large, hard-shelled beetles. [2 definitions]
scarabaeid of, pertaining to, or belonging to the group of beetles that includes scarabs. [2 definitions]
scarce in short supply; insufficient. [2 definitions]
scarcely just barely; by only a small margin. [2 definitions]
scarcity shortage; dearth. [2 definitions]
scare to frighten or startle (someone). [4 definitions]
scarecrow a large figure of a human being, usu. made from stuffed clothes and set up in a crop field to scare birds away. [2 definitions]
scared feeling fear; afraid.
scarf1 a usu. long and narrow woven or knitted garment worn around the neck, head, or shoulders. [2 definitions]
scarf2 the notched end of a piece of timber cut so it may be overlapped and joined with another piece. [4 definitions]
scarf3 (slang) to eat greedily or quickly (often fol. by "up" or "down").
scarify to make shallow cuts in (the skin). [4 definitions]