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schlep (slang) to carry with effort; lug; haul. [4 definitions]
schlieren streaks or masses of igneous rock that differ in texture or composition from the surrounding matrix and blend gradually into it. [2 definitions]
schlock things that are cheap and of poor quality.
schmaltz (informal) extremely sentimental music, drama, or writing.
Schmidt system an optical system used in telescopes consisting of a spherical concave mirror with a correcting plate that reduces aberrations.
schmooze (informal) to engage in friendly, easy-going conversation, often with the purpose of impressing or influencing. [2 definitions]
schmuck (slang; offensive) a person considered to be contemptible or offensive.
schnapps any of several strong alcoholic liquors, esp. a certain type of gin, or a sweet viscous liquor.
schnauzer a dog of a German breed with a square snout, short ears, and a wiry coat.
scholar a learned person, esp. one who is engaged in research or study. [3 definitions]
scholarly of or appropriate to a scholar.
scholarship money given to a student by a school or organization to help pay for the cost of schooling. [2 definitions]
scholastic of or pertaining to academic learning. [4 definitions]
scholasticism (sometimes cap.) the prevailing system of medieval theological and philosophical teaching, based on the authority of the early Christian church fathers and on Aristotelian logic. [2 definitions]
scholiast one who writes explanatory notes and comments on a text, esp. an ancient commentator on a classical text.
school1 an institution where instruction is given, esp. to young people. [8 definitions]
school2 a large group of the same kind of fish or sea mammals. [2 definitions]
school age the age when a child is able or legally required to attend school.
school board a local lay board responsible for setting policy and budgets and providing general oversight for a school system.
schoolbook a book used as a basis for teaching in a school; textbook.
schoolboy a boy who attends school.