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scorching extremely hot; searing; burning. [2 definitions]
score the record of the total points earned in a competition or test. [21 definitions]
scoreboard a large board on which the score in an athletic contest is posted, often along with other related information.
scorecard a card or folder on which to record running scores in an athletic contest, as in golf or bowling.
scorekeeper one assigned to keep the official record of the score in an athletic contest.
scoreless having a score of zero.
scoria the refuse remaining after metal has been smelted from ore; slag. [2 definitions]
scorify to reduce (a metal ore) to scoria or slag.
scorn undisguised contempt; derision. [5 definitions]
scornful full of or expressing scorn; contemptuous.
Scorpio see "Scorpius." [3 definitions]
scorpioid of, resembling, or related to the scorpions. [2 definitions]
scorpion any of several small animals related to the spider that have a long, narrow body and a segmented tail with a venomous tip. [2 definitions]
Scorpius a summer zodiacal constellation located between Libra and Sagittarius and containing the bright, reddish star Antares; Scorpion.
Scot a native or inhabitant of Scotland, or a descendant thereof; Scotsman or Scotswoman. [2 definitions]
scot money assessed or paid; charge or tax.
Scotch of or pertaining to Scotland or its people, culture, dialect, or the like; Scottish. [4 definitions]
scotch to end abruptly. [4 definitions]
Scotch broth a thick soup consisting of mutton, vegetables, and barley.
Scotch grain a coarse, pebbled leather, used esp. for men's shoes.
Scotch-Irish of mixed Scottish and Irish ancestry. [2 definitions]