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scoria the refuse remaining after metal has been smelted from ore; slag. [2 definitions]
scorify to reduce (a metal ore) to scoria or slag.
scorn undisguised contempt; derision. [5 definitions]
scornful full of or expressing scorn; contemptuous.
Scorpio see "Scorpius." [3 definitions]
scorpioid of, resembling, or related to the scorpions. [2 definitions]
scorpion any of several small animals related to the spider that have a long, narrow body and a segmented tail with a venomous tip. [2 definitions]
Scorpius a summer zodiacal constellation located between Libra and Sagittarius and containing the bright, reddish star Antares; Scorpion.
Scot a native or inhabitant of Scotland, or a descendant thereof; Scotsman or Scotswoman. [2 definitions]
scot money assessed or paid; charge or tax.
Scotch of or pertaining to Scotland or its people, culture, dialect, or the like; Scottish. [4 definitions]
scotch to end abruptly. [4 definitions]
Scotch broth a thick soup consisting of mutton, vegetables, and barley.
Scotch grain a coarse, pebbled leather, used esp. for men's shoes.
Scotch-Irish of mixed Scottish and Irish ancestry. [2 definitions]
Scotchman see "Scotsman."
Scotch pine a hardy pine, native to Europe and Asia, that is grown for lumber and as a Christmas tree.
Scotch tape trademark for a transparent or semitransparent cellulose adhesive tape.
Scotch terrier see "Scottish terrier."
Scotch whisky whiskey that has been distilled in Scotland, usu. from malted barley.
Scotchwoman see "Scotswoman."