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screw thread the continuous helical ridge or groove on the outer surface of a screw or the inner surface of a nut.
screwup (slang) a bad mistake. [2 definitions]
screw up (slang) to do (something) very badly; make a mess of; botch.
screwworm the larva of a blowfly that infests wounds, the nostrils, or the navel of certain animals and man, often causing disease.
screwy (slang) crazy. [2 definitions]
scribal of or pertaining to writers or the act of writing.
scribble to write hastily, awkwardly, or carelessly; scrawl. [6 definitions]
scribbler an unimportant or inferior writer; hack.
scribe1 one employed as a copyist. [3 definitions]
scribe2 to mark or score (a surface) with a sharp instrument, esp. as a guide for later cutting or assembly.
scrim a thin, sheer, durable cotton or linen fabric of open weave, used for curtains, linings, or the like. [2 definitions]
scrimmage a vigorous struggle; scuffle. [5 definitions]
scrimp to save money in every possible way; be extremely frugal. [2 definitions]
scrimpy severely limited; scanty; skimpy. [2 definitions]
scrimshaw detailed carvings or engravings on bone or ivory, esp. whalebone or whale ivory, or a single such carved object. [3 definitions]
scrip a certificate, receipt, list, or other short written document. [3 definitions]
script the written text of a dialogue, play, movie, or the like. [5 definitions]
scriptorium a room, esp. in a monastery, in which manuscripts are written or copied.
scriptural of, concerning, or according to sacred writings, esp. the Scriptures.
Scripture (often pl.) the Bible; Holy Scriptures. [3 definitions]
scriptwriter one who writes or adapts scripts, esp. for film or television.