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screwy (slang) crazy. [2 definitions]
scribal of or pertaining to writers or the act of writing.
scribble to write hastily, awkwardly, or carelessly; scrawl. [6 definitions]
scribbler an unimportant or inferior writer; hack.
scribe1 one employed as a copyist. [3 definitions]
scribe2 to mark or score (a surface) with a sharp instrument, esp. as a guide for later cutting or assembly.
scrim a thin, sheer, durable cotton or linen fabric of open weave, used for curtains, linings, or the like. [2 definitions]
scrimmage a vigorous struggle; scuffle. [5 definitions]
scrimp to save money in every possible way; be extremely frugal. [2 definitions]
scrimpy severely limited; scanty; skimpy. [2 definitions]
scrimshaw detailed carvings or engravings on bone or ivory, esp. whalebone or whale ivory, or a single such carved object. [3 definitions]
scrip a certificate, receipt, list, or other short written document. [3 definitions]
script the written text of a dialogue, play, movie, or the like. [5 definitions]
scriptorium a room, esp. in a monastery, in which manuscripts are written or copied.
scriptural of, concerning, or according to sacred writings, esp. the Scriptures.
Scripture (often pl.) the Bible; Holy Scriptures. [3 definitions]
scriptwriter one who writes or adapts scripts, esp. for film or television.
scrivener formerly, one employed as a clerk or copyist; scribe.
scrod young haddock or Atlantic cod, used for food.
scrofula lymphatic tuberculosis, characterized by swollen glands, esp. in the neck, and inflammation of the joints and respiratory membranes.
scrofulous afflicted with scrofula. [2 definitions]