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scurrility the quality or condition of being coarsely derisive or scurrilous. [2 definitions]
scurrilous characterized by or given to using vulgar or coarse language. [2 definitions]
scurry to move quickly, as in a hurry. [2 definitions]
scurvy a potentially fatal disorder caused by a lack of vitamin C in one's diet, usu. accompanied initially by weakness and bleeding gums. [2 definitions]
scurvy grass an arctic plant bearing white flowers and having a bitter flavor, formerly used to treat scurvy.
scut a short stubby tail, as of a rabbit or deer.
scutate shaped like a shield, as a leaf. [2 definitions]
scutcheon variant of escutcheon.
scute any external horny or bony plate, as on the shell of a turtle, that serves as protection.
scutellate of an insect or animal, protected by bony plates or scales. [2 definitions]
scutellum a small plate or shieldlike formation on a plant or animal.
scuttle1 a coal pail with a wide lip or spout.
scuttle2 to move or run as if in a hurry; scurry. [2 definitions]
scuttle3 to purposely cause (a ship) to sink, as by making holes in the bottom. [4 definitions]
scuttlebutt (informal) inside information; gossip. [2 definitions]
scutum a large shield used by infantrymen in ancient Rome. [2 definitions]
scut work (informal) work that is regarded as tedious, menial, dirty, or otherwise distasteful.
scuzzy (slang) dirty, shabby, disreputable, or sleazy.
Scylla and Charybdis in Homer's Odyssey, two monsters threatening to sailors, later identified as a rock and a whirlpool in the sea off the coast of Sicily.
scythe a tool for cutting grass, harvesting grain, or the like, having a long handle to which a long, curved blade is attached, usu. at a right angle. [2 definitions]
SD abbreviation of "South Dakota," a midwestern U.S. state between North Dakota and Nebraska.