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sealing wax a mixture of resin and turpentine that softens when heated, used for sealing letters, documents, and the like.
sea lion any of several large-eared seals that live in colonies along the Pacific coast.
seal ring a signet ring.
sealskin the skin or pelt of a seal, esp. a fur seal, or such a skin prepared for making garments. [2 definitions]
Sealyham terrier one of a Welsh breed of small terrier that has short legs, a squarish muzzle, and a wiry white coat.
seam a line of stitching along which two pieces of fabric, or one piece folded over, are attached. [6 definitions]
sea-maid a mermaid, nymph, or goddess of the sea; sea-maiden.
seaman someone who works on a boat or is skilled at operating one; sailor. [2 definitions]
seamanship the abilities, skills, and knowledge associated with operating a boat or ship.
seamless made without seams. [3 definitions]
seamount a high mountain far beneath the surface of the sea.
seamstress a woman who sews, esp. as an occupation.
seamy disreputable; sordid.
sťance a gathering for the purpose of making supernatural contact with the dead, often involving holding hands around a table in the dark.
sea onion a Mediterranean plant of the lily family. [2 definitions]
sea otter a large marine otter of the northern Pacific coast.
seaplane an airplane that can land on and take off from water.
seaport a city, town, or harbor at which seagoing vessels dock, load, and unload.
sea power naval strength. [2 definitions]
seaquake an earthquake on or under the ocean floor.
sear1 to burn or scorch the outside of. [5 definitions]