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seashore land that borders on the ocean.
seasick suffering from seasickness.
seasickness stomach upset and other discomfort caused by the rolling motion of a boat or ship.
seaside land that borders on the ocean; seashore. [2 definitions]
sea snake any of several poisonous tropical marine snakes that have finlike tails.
season one of the four distinct periods of the year; spring, summer, fall, or winter. [8 definitions]
seasonable typical of or suitable to the time of year. [2 definitions]
seasonal of, characteristic of, or dependent on the seasons or a season of the year; periodical.
seasoned enhanced in flavor by the addition of salt, herbs, spices, or other flavorings. [3 definitions]
seasoning that which is added to food to improve the flavor, such as salt, an herb, or spice. [2 definitions]
seasonless combined form of season.
season ticket a ticket or set of tickets, paid for in advance, that can be used at any time during a specific period, as for highway tolls, museum visits, concerts, or athletic events.
sea squirt a sea animal that has a saclike body enclosed by a thick tunic and that squirts water when it is disturbed; ascidian.
seat an object for sitting on, such as a chair or bench. [9 definitions]
seat belt a safety strap or harness, attached to airplane and automobile seats, that fastens across the waist or over the shoulder as protection against sudden stops or collision; safety belt.
-seater a vehicle, airplane, or the like, having (so many) seats.
seating the act of providing or furnishing with seats. [2 definitions]
seatmate a person sharing the same seat or seating row, as on a passenger plane or train.
seat-of-the-pants (informal) of the act of operating an aircraft, done without the guidance of instruments. [2 definitions]
seatrain a ship for transporting a train or railroad cars across a body of water.
sea turtle any of the species of large marine turtles with paddle-shaped limbs, such as loggerheads and leatherbacks, found in warm-water seas.