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second hand a hand on a clock or watch that indicates the seconds. [2 definitions]
secondhand smoke tobacco or other type of smoke that comes from the cigarette or other smoking material of another person, possibly already inhaled and exhaled by that person.
second lieutenant the lowest rank of commissioned officer in the U.S. Army, Marines, or Air Force.
secondly in the second place; second.
second mate the officer next in command below the first mate on a merchant ship; second officer.
second mortgage a mortgage on property on which there is already one mortgage, the first taking precedence over the second in the case of a claim.
second nature an acquired habit, characteristic, or skill that has been practiced so often that it appears to be part of one's nature.
secondo the second or lower part in a piano duet or other concert piece.
second person in grammar, the category of pronouns, inflections, and the like that indicates the person being spoken to. [2 definitions]
second-rate of a somewhat inferior quality or rank.
second self a person who is so closely involved with another as to take on many of the other's personal qualities, values, and the like.
second sight the alleged ability to witness faraway events and foresee the future; clairvoyance.
second-source of or denoting a cooperative business arrangement in which products of one company are also manufactured by another company. [2 definitions]
second-string of or designating a player or team that is kept ready to substitute for any primary player or players in an athletic contest. [2 definitions]
second thought (often pl.) a reconsideration of, or doubt about, a previous decision or opinion.
second wind the return of comparative ease in breathing, following a brief period of exhaustion, that often occurs during a physically demanding activity such as running. [2 definitions]
secrecy the state or condition of being secret. [2 definitions]
secret concealed from others; private. [8 definitions]
secret agent a person who performs acts of espionage and other undercover operations, esp. for a government.
secretarial of or relating to the work of a secretary.
secretariat the department of a government, organization, or the like that is entrusted with administration, record keeping, and secretarial work, or the employees of such a department. [2 definitions]