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secret police a police force that conducts undercover operations designed to discourage opposition to the government.
secret service a government service that conducts espionage and other undercover operations so as to gain knowledge of, and often to frustrate the activities of, hostile individuals, groups, and governments. [2 definitions]
secret society an organized group that keeps some of its activities or rituals secret from nonmembers.
-sect to cut or divide.
sect any group, esp. a religious group such as a denomination, that is united by a common belief, ritual, or the like. [2 definitions]
sectarian of, concerning, or typical of a sect, sects, or members of sects. [4 definitions]
sectary a member of a sect, esp. a dissenting sect. [2 definitions]
section any part of a whole, or a part that is separated from it or regarded as distinct from the whole. [9 definitions]
sectional of or relating to particular sections or regions. [3 definitions]
sectionalism an intense, sometimes excessive, regard for local interests or concerns.
sectionalize to divide into sections or regions.
sector an identifiable segment or part of a landscape, area, society, political system, or the like. [4 definitions]
secular of or concerning the world and material concerns as opposed to religious or spiritual concerns; temporal. [3 definitions]
secularism secular opinion or belief, esp. a system following a political or social philosophy that rejects religious faith. [2 definitions]
secularize to take away the religious aspects, associations, or ownership of.
secure free from fear or danger. [10 definitions]
securely in a manner that ensures safety. [2 definitions]
security freedom from danger; safety; protection. [7 definitions]
security blanket a blanket, toy, or the like carried by a child for a feeling of comfort and security. [2 definitions]
Security Council the council of the United Nations that is responsible for maintaining international peace and comprises five permanent and ten temporary members.
sedan a hard-topped automobile with a front and a back seat. [2 definitions]