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sedimentary of, concerning, like, or containing sediment. [2 definitions]
sedimentation the accumulating or depositing of sediment.
sedition actions or speech intended or serving to create rebellion against a government.
Sedition Act of 1918 a short-lived amendment to the U.S. Espionage Act of 1917 that listed offenses deemed criminal when the country is at war, including to willfully obstruct military recruitment and to print, write, or publish any disloyal or abusive language about the form of the U.S. federal government.
seditious of, constituting, or having the nature of sedition. [2 definitions]
seduce to lead into a course of action not considered proper or moral; corrupt. [3 definitions]
seducement see "seduction."
seducer one that seduces, esp. a man who seduces a woman sexually.
seduction an act or instance of seducing. [3 definitions]
seductive tending to seduce; enticing; tempting; beguiling.
seductress a woman who seduces, esp. sexually.
sedulous steady and persistent in an action or duty; diligent.
sedum any of numerous fleshy perennial plants that often grow on walls and rocks and that bear white, yellow, or pink flowers.
see1 to perceive or observe with one's eyes. [16 definitions]
see2 the official seat of authority of a bishop.
see about inquire about or deal with (some matter). [2 definitions]
Seebeck effect a method of producing an electric current in a circuit with sections made of unlike materials that are caused to have different temperatures. [2 definitions]
seed the small part of a flowering plant that is capable of growing into a new plant. [9 definitions]
seedbed a plot of land prepared for planting seeds. [2 definitions]
seedcase any fruit containing seeds, esp. a dry, hollow one; seed vessel.
seeder a person or machine that plants or scatters seeds. [2 definitions]