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Selene in Greek mythology, the goddess of the moon; Luna.
selenic acid a colorless highly corrosive acid resembling sulfuric acid.
selenious acid a poisonous water-soluble powder used as a reagent.
selenite a clear colorless crystalline form of gypsum. [2 definitions]
selenium a chemical element that has thirty-four protons in each nucleus and that forms compounds with many other elements, but that can be isolated in gray or red crystalline allotropes whose electrical resistance varies with light intensity, leading to extensive use in photoelectric cells, xerographic copying, and the like. (symbol: Se)
selenium cell a photoconductive cell made by placing a thin strip of selenium between two metal electrodes.
self one's own being, personality, and nature. [3 definitions]
self- self; oneself or itself. [2 definitions]
self-abasement humiliation or degradation of oneself, esp. from feelings of guilt or inferiority.
self-abnegating combined form of abnegating.
self-abnegation a setting aside of one's own interests or welfare for the sake of others'; self-denial; self-sacrifice.
self-absorbed almost exclusively concerned with oneself and one's own affairs.
self-abuse blame or reproach of oneself. [2 definitions]
self-accelerating combined form of accelerating.
self-acceptance combined form of acceptance.
self-accusation combined form of accusation.
self-accusatory combined form of accusatory.
self-accusing combined form of accusing.
self-acknowledged combined form of acknowledged.
self-acting acting by itself; automatic.
self-actualize to achieve one's full potential.