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self-appraisal combined form of appraisal.
self-approbation combined form of approbation.
self-assertion the confident or aggressive expression of one's own desires, opinions, or personality.
self-assessment combined form of assessment.
self-assignment combined form of assignment.
self-assurance confidence in oneself.
self-assured confident or sure of oneself; self-confident.
self-authenticating combined form of authenticating.
self-avowed combined form of avowed.
self-aware having or showing knowledge of one's own personality, character, motives, and feelings.
self-awareness conscious knowledge of one's own personality, character, motives, and feelings.
self-betterment combined form of betterment.
self-caricature combined form of caricature.
self-castigate combined form of castigate.
self-castigation combined form of castigation.
self-censorship combined form of censorship.
self-centered concerned only with oneself; egotistical; selfish.
self-characterization combined form of characterization.
self-classification combined form of classification.
self-cleaning combined form of cleaning.
self-colored of the original or natural color. [2 definitions]