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self-centered concerned only with oneself; egotistical; selfish.
self-characterization combined form of characterization.
self-classification combined form of classification.
self-cleaning combined form of cleaning.
self-colored of the original or natural color. [2 definitions]
self-command self-control.
self-communing combined form of communing.
self-communion combined form of communion.
self-complacency combined form of complacency.
self-complacent satisfied or pleased with oneself; smug.
self-composed being or acting calm and collected.
self-conceit an excessively high opinion of oneself; vanity.
self-condemnation combined form of condemnation.
self-condemned combined form of condemned.
self-confessed openly stating or admitting to be such.
self-confidence a feeling of assurance about oneself and one's judgment or abilities.
self-confirming combined form of confirming.
self-conscious overly sensitive to or aware of the image one projects. [3 definitions]
self-constituted combined form of constituted.
self-consuming combined form of consuming.
self-contained having within oneself or within itself all of the qualities, characteristics, or elements that are necessary to survive or function successfully. [3 definitions]