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self-contained having within oneself or within itself all of the qualities, characteristics, or elements that are necessary to survive or function successfully. [3 definitions]
self-contempt combined form of contempt.
self-content the condition or quality of being contented with one's possessions, situation, or self.
self-contradiction an act or instance of contradicting oneself. [2 definitions]
self-control restraint or control of one's emotions or behavior.
self-created combined form of created.
self-creation combined form of creation.
self-critical combined form of critical.
self-criticism combined form of criticism.
self-critique combined form of critique.
self-cultivation combined form of cultivation.
self-damning combined form of damning.
self-debasement combined form of debasement.
self-deceit combined form of deceit.
self-deceive combined form of deceive.
self-deception the act or process, or an instance, of allowing oneself to believe something that is not true.
self-defeating serving to act against or thwart one's own or its own purpose.
self-defense the act or an instance of protecting oneself against physical attack. [3 definitions]
self-deluded combined form of deluded.
self-deluding combined form of deluding.
self-delusion combined form of delusion.