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self-discovery the act or process of coming to know or understand oneself, as regarding one's true needs and wants, one's identity, or one's vocation.
self-disgust combined form of disgust.
self-dissatisfaction combined form of dissatisfaction.
self-doubt a lack of confidence or belief in oneself or one's abilities.
self-educated educated by one's own efforts, rather than by formal instruction.
self-educating combined form of educating.
self-education combined form of education.
self-effacement the dislike or intentional avoidance of other people's attention; humility.
self-effacing combined form of effacing.
self-emancipation combined form of emancipation.
self-emasculation combined form of emasculation.
self-employed working for oneself or in one's own business, rather than for an employer.
self-enclosed combined form of enclosed.
self-engrossed combined form of engrossed.
self-enhancement combined form of enhancement.
self-esteem confidence or pride in oneself; self-respect.
self-evaluate combined form of evaluate.
self-evaluation combined form of evaluation.
self-evident needing no explanation or proof.
self-examination an analysis of one's own thoughts, actions, motives, or the like. [2 definitions]
self-exclusion combined form of exclusion.