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self-fertilization the fertilization of a plant by its own pollen, or of an animal by its own sperm.
self-finance combined form of finance.
self-forgetful not selfishly motivated; selfless.
self-formed combined form of formed.
self-fulfilling acting or tending to fulfill one's own desires, goals, or the like. [2 definitions]
self-fulfillment the act or process of fulfilling one's own desires, goals, or ambitions.
self-generate combined form of generate.
self-giving combined form of giving.
self-government the independence of a government from external political control; political autonomy. [2 definitions]
self-guided combined form of guided.
self-hardening of or relating to substances, such as some glues, that require no special treatment or processing to harden.
self-hate combined form of hate.
self-hating combined form of hating.
self-hatred hatred directed toward oneself.
selfheal any of a number of plants related to the mint and believed to have healing powers. [2 definitions]
self-healing combined form of healing.
self-help an act or instance of providing for oneself without assistance from others.
self-humbling combined form of humbling.
self-humiliation combined form of humiliation.
self-hypnosis the act of hypnotizing oneself or the condition of being so hypnotized; autohypnosis.
self-idolatry combined form of idolatry.