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selfish overly concerned with oneself and one's own interests, rather than those of others; self-centered. [2 definitions]
self-isolation combined form of isolation.
self-justification the act of justifying or rationalizing one's actions or motives with excuses, explanations, and the like.
self-knowledge understanding or knowledge of the nature, strengths, and shortcomings of one's character.
self-labeled combined form of labeled.
self-lacerating combined form of lacerating.
self-laceration combined form of laceration.
selfless having or showing an unselfish lack of concern for oneself and one's interests.
self-loading concerning or designating an automatic or semiautomatic firearm.
self-loathing combined form of loathing.
self-locking combined form of locking.
self-love the instinct or tendency to promote one's own well-being. [3 definitions]
self-lubricating combined form of lubricating.
self-luminous combined form of luminous.
self-made having achieved success, esp. material success, without help from others. [2 definitions]
self-mailer a piece of correspondence or writing paper that can be folded and mailed without an envelope.
self-maintenance combined form of maintenance.
self-management combined form of management.
self-mastery combined form of mastery.
self-medication combined form of medication.
self-mockery combined form of mockery.