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self-parody combined form of parody.
self-perpetuating combined form of perpetuating.
self-perpetuation combined form of perpetuation.
self-pity a feeling of sorrow for oneself or one's troubles, esp. an exaggerated sense of sorrow or pity.
self-plagiarism combined form of plagiarism.
self-pleasing combined form of pleasing.
self-policing combined form of policing.
self-pollination the pollination of a flower through the transfer of pollen from an anther to a stigma of the same plant. (Cf. cross-pollination.)
self-portrait a description or portrayal of oneself, esp. a painting or literary piece.
self-possessed being in control of one's emotions, behavior, or the like.
self-possession control of one's behavior, emotions, reactions, or the like; composure or poise.
self-praise combined form of praise.
self-preoccupation combined form of preoccupation.
self-preoccupied combined form of preoccupied.
self-preservation the act or process of guarding or protecting oneself from injury, harm, or destruction. [2 definitions]
self-preserving combined form of preserving.
self-proclaimed so designated or characterized by oneself; self-styled.
self-produced combined form of produced.
self-professed combined form of professed.
self-promoter combined form of promoter.
self-promoting combined form of promoting.