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self-preservation the act or process of guarding or protecting oneself from injury, harm, or destruction. [2 definitions]
self-preserving combined form of preserving.
self-proclaimed so designated or characterized by oneself; self-styled.
self-produced combined form of produced.
self-professed combined form of professed.
self-promoter combined form of promoter.
self-promoting combined form of promoting.
self-promotion combined form of promotion.
self-pronouncing having the pronunciation indicated with accent marks, diacritical marks, or the like on the original spelling rather than using phonetic symbols.
self-propelled having within itself its own means of propulsion.
self-protection combined form of protection.
self-protective combined form of protective.
self-protectiveness combined form of protectiveness.
self-punishing combined form of punishing.
self-punishment combined form of punishment.
self-raised combined form of raised.
self-realization the fulfillment or development of one's potential.
self-recording of a machine or instrument, recording automatically its own functions or operations, as a seismograph.
self-recrimination combined form of recrimination.
self-referential combined form of referential.
self-referring combined form of referring.