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self-reinforcing combined form of reinforcing.
self-reliance dependence on oneself and one's own judgments, powers, or resources, rather than those of others.
self-renewal combined form of renewal.
self-renewing combined form of renewing.
self-renouncing combined form of renouncing.
self-renunciation combined form of renunciation.
self-reproach the act or process of blaming oneself for shortcomings, errors, misdeeds, or the like.
self-reproachful combined form of reproachful.
self-reproof combined form of reproof.
self-reproving combined form of reproving.
self-respect the proper esteem and regard for oneself and one's dignity as a human being.
self-restraint control over one's emotions, behavior, or desires; self-control.
self-revealing displaying or revealing one's innermost thoughts, emotions, or the like.
self-ridicule combined form of ridicule.
self-righteous having or marked by confidence or pride in the correctness of one's beliefs or moral conduct, often combined with a pious intolerance of the beliefs of others.
self-rising of flour, having a leavening agent added previously.
self-rule self-government.
self-sacrifice doing without or giving up one's pleasures or personal interests for the benefit of others or from a sense of duty.
selfsame the same (person or thing) as previously mentioned; identical.
self-satirizing combined form of satirizing.
self-satisfaction a feeling of satisfaction or complacency about oneself, one's achievements, or one's abilities.