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self-satisfied having or showing satisfaction with oneself or one's accomplishments, esp. in a conceited way; smugly self-confident.
self-satisfying pleasing or satisfying to oneself.
self-sealing capable of repairing itself by sealing, as a tire that seals after a puncture. [2 definitions]
self-seeker one who seeks to further only his or her own interests.
self-seeking the usu. selfish pursuit of one's own interests, rather than those of others. [2 definitions]
self-selected combined form of selected.
self-selection combined form of selection.
self-service the act or process of serving oneself at a store, restaurant, or the like, and paying at a designated cashier's desk. [2 definitions]
self-serving acting to advance one's own interests, esp. selfishly.
self-sown of plants, sown by wind, water, or the like, rather than by people.
self-styled so specified, named, or characterized by oneself, esp. without right or justification.
self-sufficient dependent solely on oneself for the means of support or survival.
self-support the act of providing or ability to provide for oneself without external help.
self-sustained combined form of sustained.
self-sustaining able to support or to continue to support oneself or itself.
self-taught having taught oneself; self-educated. [2 definitions]
self-therapy combined form of therapy.
self-torment combined form of torment.
self-tormentor combined form of tormentor.
self-torture combined form of torture.
self-transcendence combined form of transcendence.