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sewer2 someone or something that sews.
sewerage the system of sewers and drains that serves an area. [2 definitions]
sewing the act or process of working with a needle and thread. [2 definitions]
sewing circle a group of women who meet regularly to sew, often for a charitable cause such as a church sale.
sewing machine any of various machines for stitching or sewing, esp. one used for making clothing or the like.
sewn a past participle of sew.
sew up (informal) l. to bring successfully to a close. [2 definitions]
sex the sum of the qualities and characteristics that distinguish living things as being either male or female based on their physical role in reproduction. [6 definitions]
sex-1 six.
sex-2 sex; gender.
sexagenarian being, of, or concerning one who is between the ages of sixty and seventy. [2 definitions]
sex appeal physical attractiveness or personal charm that arouses sexual interest.
sex chromosome either of two sex-determining chromosomes, designated X and Y, in the reproductive cells of human beings, most animals, and some plants.
sexed having sexual characteristics; being either male or female. [2 definitions]
sex hormone any of various hormones, such as estrogen, testosterone, and androgen, that affect the development or functioning of the reproductive organs or influence the development of secondary sex characteristics.
sexism discrimination on the basis of sex, esp. as directed against women.
sexist one who practices or advocates sexism. [2 definitions]
sexless having no sexual characteristics; asexual; neuter. [2 definitions]
sex-linkage in genetics, an association between certain inherited traits and sex, the genes for those traits being carried on one of the sex chromosomes.
sex-linked of a gene or genetic trait, carried on the chromosome that determines gender.
sexology the scientific study of human sexual practices or behavior.