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sexton a church official who looks after church property and in some cases rings the bells and buries the dead.
sextuple having six parts; sixfold. [4 definitions]
sextuplet one of six children delivered at one birth. [2 definitions]
sexual of or pertaining to sex or the sex organs. [3 definitions]
sexual dimorphism within one species, the existence of differing forms for males versus females, as, for example, in birds.
sexual harassment the repeated making of unwanted and unsolicited sexual remarks, behaviors, or propositions, especially on the part of one in a position of authority and toward a person of lower status within the same organization, often a workplace.
sexual intercourse the act of inserting the penis into the vagina, esp. when the ejaculation of semen occurs; coitus; copulation.
sexuality the fact of being male or female; sexual differentiation. [3 definitions]
sex up to stimulate sexually. [2 definitions]
sexy of a person, sexually attractive or exciting. [2 definitions]
Seychelles an island country in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar.
Seyfert galaxy any of numerous spiral galaxies that have a small bright nucleus and emit light and radio waves of variable intensity.
sf abbreviation of "science fiction."
sforzando with sudden force or strong emphasis; accented (used as a musical direction). [2 definitions]
sgraffito a technique of decorating ceramics or the like by cutting through a glaze or other surface later to reveal a ground of a different color. [3 definitions]
Sgt. abbreviation of "Sergeant."
sh be quiet; hush (used to request or demand silence).
shabby showing signs of wear; threadbare; run-down. [4 definitions]
Shabuoth variant of Shavuoth.
shack a small, cheaply constructed building used as a house or for storage.
shackle a metal band or one of a pair of metal rings used to bind the wrist or ankle of a prisoner or animal. [5 definitions]