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Seychelles an island country in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar.
Seyfert galaxy any of numerous spiral galaxies that have a small bright nucleus and emit light and radio waves of variable intensity.
sf abbreviation of "science fiction."
sforzando with sudden force or strong emphasis; accented (used as a musical direction). [2 definitions]
sgraffito a technique of decorating ceramics or the like by cutting through a glaze or other surface later to reveal a ground of a different color. [3 definitions]
Sgt. abbreviation of "Sergeant."
sh be quiet; hush (used to request or demand silence).
shabby showing signs of wear; threadbare; run-down. [4 definitions]
Shabuoth variant of Shavuoth.
shack a small, cheaply constructed building used as a house or for storage.
shackle a metal band or one of a pair of metal rings used to bind the wrist or ankle of a prisoner or animal. [5 definitions]
shack up (slang) to live with a lover without being wed.
shad any of several edible fishes of the herring family that swim up streams to spawn. [2 definitions]
shadberry the fruit of the shadbush or serviceberry. [2 definitions]
shadbush the juneberry.
shade relative darkness resulting from the interception of light rays. [16 definitions]
shadeless combined form of shade.
shadfly a mayfly.
shading protection from light or heat. [3 definitions]
shadow the image cast on some surface by a person or thing blocking the light of the sun or another source of illumination. [12 definitions]
shadow box a rectangular case with a glass front for displaying small objects, esp. merchandise.