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shadbush the juneberry.
shade relative darkness resulting from the interception of light rays. [16 definitions]
shadeless combined form of shade.
shadfly a mayfly.
shading protection from light or heat. [3 definitions]
shadow the image cast on some surface by a person or thing blocking the light of the sun or another source of illumination. [12 definitions]
shadow box a rectangular case with a glass front for displaying small objects, esp. merchandise.
shadowbox to practice the motions of boxing with an imaginary adversary.
shadow cabinet parliamentary members of a party not in power who expect to hold positions in the official cabinet when their party comes into power.
shadowless combined form of shadow.
shadow play a theatrical performance produced by casting the shadows of actors or puppets on a lighted screen or curtain.
shadowy resembling a shadow; vague, faint, or illusory in nature. [2 definitions]
shady sheltered from sunlight; in the shade. [3 definitions]
shaft an arrow or spear, or the straight, slender part of one. [11 definitions]
shag1 coarse, tangled hair, fur, or the like. [3 definitions]
shag2 to run after, esp. in order to catch or retrieve. [2 definitions]
shagbark hickory a North American hickory tree that has rough shaggy bark and bears small hard-shelled edible nuts.
shaggy having long, untidy hair, fur, or pile. [2 definitions]
shaggy dog story a prolonged joke with a ridiculous or irrelevant punch line.
shagreen the rough skin, covered with bony denticles, of certain sharks or dogfish, used as an abrasive. [3 definitions]
shah formerly in Iran, king.