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Shakespearean of, concerning, or resembling Shakespeare or his writing. [2 definitions]
Shakespearean sonnet a sonnet form in which three quatrains are followed by a final rhyming couplet.
shake-up a complete, often radical rearrangement, as in the structure or staff of a business or other organization.
shake up to shake (something) thoroughly. [3 definitions]
shaking palsy see "Parkinson's disease."
shako a tall, stiff, cylinder-shaped military dress hat with a front visor and a plume.
Shakti in Hinduism, divine power or creative energy, usu. venerated in the person of the female consort of Shiva.
shaky shaking; trembling. [2 definitions]
shale a sedimentary rock made up of layers of fine clay-like sediments that can easily be split into thin sheets.
shale oil oil obtained from the distillation of bituminous shale.
shall used to express a future action or state; will (used only with the subjects "we" and "I"). [3 definitions]
shallop any of various small open boats formerly used for rowing or sailing, or both, in shallow water.
shallot an onionlike plant of the lily family that forms flavorful bulbs eaten as a vegetable or used in cooking. [2 definitions]
shallow measuring little from top to bottom; lacking depth. [4 definitions]
shalom peace (Hebrew); used among Jews as a greeting and farewell.
sham an imitation that is passed as genuine; counterfeit. [7 definitions]
shaman among certain native Asian and North American peoples, a priest or healer believed to have exclusive contact with the supernatural.
shamanism a religion native to northern Asia based on a belief in supernatural spirits that can be contacted by shamans. [2 definitions]
shamble to walk slowly, unsteadily, or awkwardly. [2 definitions]
shambles (construed as sing. or pl.) a place or condition of disarray or destruction.
shame emotional pain brought about by the knowledge that one has done something wrong, embarrassing, or disgraceful. [8 definitions]