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shill an accomplice of a swindler or vendor, who feigns an enthusiastic interest in the goods or deal being offered in order to convince unsuspecting customers to buy or enter into the deal.
shillelagh in Ireland, a club, esp. of blackthorn or oak wood; cudgel.
shilling the chief monetary unit of Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, and Uganda, equaling one hundred cents. [3 definitions]
shilly-shally to be indecisive; waver; vacillate; hesitate.
shim a thin wedge or slip of wood, metal, or other material inserted to level something, or to make parts, as of a door frame or machine, fit better. [2 definitions]
shimmer to shine with a soft wavering light. [3 definitions]
shimmery gleaming with a soft, wavering light.
shimmy an abnormal vibration or wobbling, as in an automobile's front wheels. [4 definitions]
shin1 the front part of the leg between the knee and ankle. [3 definitions]
shin2 the name of the twenty-second letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
shinbone the tibia.
shindig (informal) a large or elaborate party.
shine to give forth or glow with either emitted or reflected light. [10 definitions]
shiner one that shines. [3 definitions]
shingle a thin, flat piece of wood or other building material that is attached in overlapping rows to cover the roof or sides of a building. [3 definitions]
shingles (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a painful viral skin disease that afflicts nerve tissue and causes eruptions of blisters.
shining emitting or casting back light; radiant. [2 definitions]
shinny to climb (a rope, tree, or the like) by shinning.
shinplaster a plaster or poultice applied to sore shins and legs.
shinsplints (used with a sing. verb) a painful condition in which the extensor muscles of the lower leg are strained, often from running or jogging on hard surfaces.
Shinto a primary religion of Japan that emphasizes worship of nature and ancestors.