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ship a large vessel built to carry people or goods long distances through deep water. [6 definitions]
ship biscuit see "hardtack."
shipboard occurring on a ship, or used on a ship.
shipbuilder a person or company engaged in constructing ships.
ship canal a canal navigable by ocean-going ships.
shipfitter a person who prepares plates, bulkheads, or the like inside the hull of a ship in preparation for riveting or welding.
shipload the quantity that can or does fill a ship.
shipmaster the person in charge of a merchant ship's operation; captain.
shipmate one who serves on the same ship as someone else; fellow sailor.
shipment the act of shipping cargo. [2 definitions]
ship of the line formerly, a sailing warship of the largest class, having a place in the line of battle.
shippable able to be shipped; suitable for being shipped.
shipper a person in the business of sending and delivering goods; shipping agent.
shipping the act or business of one who ships. [2 definitions]
shipping clerk an employee who attends to the shipping and receiving of goods and merchandise.
shipping room a room or department in a company where goods are packed for transport.
shipshape well arranged; orderly; tidy. [2 definitions]
shipside the portion of a dock alongside a ship.
shipway the structure that supports a ship during construction. [2 definitions]
shipworm any of various marine bivalves that burrow into submerged wood, as of ships or piers, often causing extensive damage.
shipwreck the destruction or loss of a ship, as by being thrown against rocks or broken up in a storm. [6 definitions]