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shorty (informal) a noticeably or exceptionally short person or thing.
Shoshone a member of any of several North American Indian tribes of the western United States, including the Hopis, Paiutes, and Comanches. [2 definitions]
Shoshonean a family of American Indian languages, including Shoshone, Comanche, and Hopi.
shot1 an instance of shooting with a weapon. [10 definitions]
shot2 of cloth such as silk, woven so as to be changeable in color. [2 definitions]
shot3 past tense and past participle of shoot.
shot4 a small amount of a strong liquor such as whiskey, vodka, or gin. In the U.S., a standard shot is generally considered to be 1.5 fluid ounces.
shot clock in basketball, a clock that indicates the amount of time within which a team must attempt to score a basket.
shote variant of shoat.
shot effect random fluctuation in the flow of electrons emitted by a heated cathode, resulting, when amplified, in a popping noise.
shot glass a small glass used for drinking a small amount of liquor or for measuring a shot of liquor.
shotgun a riflelike gun with a smooth bore that fires several small pellets or buckshot at once, used mostly for killing birds and small game at close range.
shotgun wedding a wedding into which one or both of the participants are forced, esp. because of pregnancy.
shot put an athletic event in which a heavy metal ball is thrown as far as possible. [2 definitions]
should used to indicate that some action is advisable, advantageous, or important for one to do. [5 definitions]
shoulder the part of the human body extending from the base of the neck to either upper arm. [8 definitions]
shoulder blade either of two large flat triangular bones forming the back parts of the shoulders; scapula.
shoulder board either of a pair of rectangular pieces of stiffened cloth worn on the shoulders of certain uniforms to display rank.
shoulder harness an automobile safety belt worn over the shoulder and diagonally across the body; shoulder belt.
shoulder holster a holster attached, under one's armpit, to a shoulder strap, so that a firearm can be carried concealed under one's coat or jacket.
shoulder patch an identifying patch worn on the upper arm of a military uniform, showing the wearer's branch of service, rank, or unit.