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showcase a glass display case or cabinet, used to exhibit and protect articles in a store, museum, or the like. [3 definitions]
showdown a conclusive confrontation, usu. after initial sparring or exchange of verbal hostilities. [2 definitions]
shower1 a brief fall of rain. [11 definitions]
shower2 one that shows.
showgirl a chorus girl or similar entertainer, often elaborately costumed, who appears in a nightclub act or similar performance for primarily decorative purposes.
showing the act of presenting or exhibiting something. [3 definitions]
showman a man who produces shows, esp. in the theater. [2 definitions]
showmanship the tendency or ability to produce dramatic and entertaining effects.
shown a past participle of show.
show-off one who tries to impress others by a display of physical ability, wealth, knowledge, wit, or the like. [2 definitions]
show off to display one's skills or abilities for the enjoyment of impressing others or in order to attract attention to oneself. [2 definitions]
show of hands a raising of hands by members of a group, as when voting, indicating preference, or the like.
showpiece something exhibited or worth exhibiting, esp. as the centerpiece or best example in a display of similar things.
showplace a place, usu. a residence or other building, that is displayed to the public because of its beauty or excellence.
showroom a room in which merchandise, such as automobiles, is displayed for public inspection.
show (someone) around to give (someone) a casual or formal tour of a place.
show someone the door to strongly suggest or demand that someone leave.
show-stopper a performer or part of a performance that stops, or is expected to stop, the progress of a show because of prolonged applause.
show the white feather to act in a cowardly fashion, esp. in wartime.
show up (informal) to appear in a place. [2 definitions]
show window a store window for displaying merchandise; display window.