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sick-out a job action in which workers falsely claim to be sick and then fail to report for work, in an attempt to force the management to grant certain demands.
sickroom a room set aside for a sick person.
sic passim (Latin) so everywhere; used in footnotes to indicate that a word, phrase, or idea recurs throughout a work.
sic transit gloria mundi (Latin) thus passes away worldly glory.
Siddhartha an Indian prince who became a religious philosopher and teacher known as Buddha; founder of Buddhism; Siddhartha Gautama (563?-483? B.C.). (See Buddha.)
side one of the surfaces of an object. [13 definitions]
sidearm with the arm moving parallel to the ground at or below shoulder level. [2 definitions]
side arms small weapons, such as pistols or daggers, carried in a belt or holster.
sidebar a short article that highlights some aspect of the larger news story beside or near which it appears.
sideboard a standing chest of table height, with drawers and cupboards, usu. placed along the wall of a dining room to store table linens, dishes, and the like. [2 definitions]
sideburns a growth of hair or whiskers along the side of a man's face, esp. when the rest of the beard has been shaved off.
side by side next to each other.
sidecar a small, open, one-passenger car supported by a wheel at one side and attached to a motorcycle at the other. [2 definitions]
side chair an armless chair, usu. one of a set of such chairs for a dining table.
side check a checkrein that attaches to the bit and extends from the side of a horse's head to the saddle.
sided having sides of a specified material, number, or quality (usu. used in combination).
side dish a portion of food, often vegetables, that accompanies the main course.
sidekick (informal) a friend; pal. [2 definitions]
sidelight light coming from, or a light placed on, the side. [3 definitions]
sideline a line at the side of an area; lateral boundary, as of a playing field. [2 definitions]
sidelong directed to one side, as a motion or glance. [5 definitions]