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sidepiece a piece that forms all or part of a side of something.
sidereal of or pertaining to the stars. [2 definitions]
sidereal day a unit of time equal to the time required for one rotation of the earth; twenty-three hours, fifty-six minutes, and 4.1 seconds.
sidereal month the time required for one complete revolution of the moon around the earth with respect to a fixed star, or about 27.3 days in mean solar time.
sidereal time time based upon the rotation and revolution of the earth with reference to the background of stars.
sidereal year a unit of time equal to the time required for one revolution of the earth around the sun; 365 days, six hours, nine minutes, and 9.54 seconds.
siderite a yellowish to light-brown impure iron ore; iron carbonate. [2 definitions]
siderosis a disease or chronic inflammation of the lungs caused by the inhalation of metallic particles.
sidesaddle a saddle that permits the rider to ride with both legs on one side of the horse. [2 definitions]
sideshow a small exhibition offered to supplement the main attraction, as at a circus. [3 definitions]
sideslip to slip or skid to the side, as in skiing. [3 definitions]
sidesplitting extremely funny; causing hard and robust laughter. [2 definitions]
sidestep to step aside or to one side. [4 definitions]
side step the taking of a step to one side, or a step taken sideways.
sidestroke a swimming stroke in which one lies sideways in the water, performing scissors kicks and pulling with the arms alternately.
sideswipe a glancing or sweeping blow on or along the side of something. [2 definitions]
sidetrack of a train or train car, to switch to a siding. [3 definitions]
sidewalk a paved walkway along the side of a street or road.
sidewall the side of an automobile tire between the tread and the wheel rim.
sideward moving or directed toward one side. [2 definitions]
sideway sideways.