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silex silica, as found in flint or quartz.
silhouette an outline or profile, filled in with a solid dark color, esp. of a person's head. [3 definitions]
silica a crystalline compound of silicon and oxygen that is widely found in quartz, agate, sand, and the like, and used in making glass, concrete, and ceramics.
silica gel a highly absorbent form of silica, used mainly as a drying agent.
silicate a chemical salt containing silicon, oxygen, and a metal, that is found in most rock and is used to make glass and bricks.
siliceous of, containing, or like silica. [2 definitions]
silicic relating to, containing, or obtained from silicon or silica.
silicic acid a gelatinous substance occurring when alkaline silicates are acidified.
silicon a chemical element that has fourteen protons in each nucleus, that is found naturally only in compounds such as silica, that composes one fourth of the earth's crust, and that is used in many industrial applications. (symbol: Si)
silicone any of a number of compounds containing silicon and oxygen that remain stable under a wide range of temperatures, are extremely water-repellent, and are used in adhesives, lubricants, varnishes and paints, and many other products.
silicone rubber a rubberlike polymer processed from silicone, which retains its resilience in a wide temperature range.
silicosis a disabling lung disease caused by prolonged inhalation of silica dust.
silk a fine, soft, shiny fiber produced by certain insects, esp. by the silkworm in spinning a cocoon. [5 definitions]
silk cotton a silky fiber covering the seeds of certain tropical trees such as the silk-cotton, used as a soft stuffing material.
silken made of or similar to silk in appearance or texture. [2 definitions]
silk hat a man's formal black top hat covered with a silken material.
Silk Road a name given to the ancient trade routes between China and southern Europe, through southern Asia.
silkscreen a method of printmaking employing a framed screen of silk or other fine fabric, on which a stencil design of impermeable film is impressed, and through which ink is pressed, through the pores not blocked by the design, onto a flat printing surface; serigraphy. [4 definitions]
silk-stocking elegantly or luxuriously dressed. [3 definitions]
silkworm the larva of an Asian moth that spins pure and commercially valued silk to form its cocoon, or any of various other moth larvae that spin cocoons of similar material.
silky of or like silk; smooth, delicate, or shimmering. [2 definitions]