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silky of or like silk; smooth, delicate, or shimmering. [2 definitions]
sill a horizontal strip or block serving as the foundation for a window or door frame. [2 definitions]
sillabub variant of syllabub.
silly lacking good sense; foolish. [3 definitions]
silo a high, usu. cylindrical structure used to store fodder. [3 definitions]
silt fine sediment deposited by water, as of earth, clay, or sand. [3 definitions]
Silurian of, relating to, or designating the geological period between the Ordovician and Devonian of the Paleozoic Era, from approximately 440 million to 400 million years ago, when coral reefs began forming and land plants and air-breathing animals appeared. [2 definitions]
silva the trees or forests of a designated area. [2 definitions]
silver a chemical element that has forty-seven protons in each nucleus and that occurs in pure form as a white, ductile, highly lustrous and reflective metal solid, used esp. in making jewelry, coins, bullion, table utensils, and the like. (symbol: Ag) [12 definitions]
silverback a mature male gorilla distinguished by a silvery white or gray area across its back.
silver bromide a yellowish compound that turns black on exposure to light and is the main component of photographic emulsions.
silver certificate formerly, a paper bill issued by the U.S. government, backed by a silver deposit.
silver chloride a white crystalline compound that darkens on exposure to light, used in photography and the like.
silverfish a silver-colored, wingless household insect that feeds on starchy materials such as book bindings, wallpaper, and starched clothing. [2 definitions]
silver fox a red fox in a phase that has fur colored black with white or gray ends. [2 definitions]
silver iodide a yellowish powder that darkens in light, used in medicine, photography, and artificial rainmaking.
silver lining an aspect of positive encouragement in an otherwise gloomy or unfortunate circumstance.
silver medal a medal made of silver, or a metal resembling silver, awarded to the second-place finisher, as in a race or competition.
silver nitrate a poisonous colorless powder used in photography, medical products, mirrors, and silver-plating.
silver-plate to coat or plate (a metal) with silver, esp. by electrolysis.
silver plate tableware that is made of, or coated with, silver. [2 definitions]