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simper to smile in a silly or affected manner. [3 definitions]
simple made of only one part or thing; unmixed. [7 definitions]
simple fraction a fraction having whole numbers for both numerator and denominator.
simple fracture a bone fracture that does not tear through the skin or result in loose fragments.
simple-hearted lacking sophistication, guile, or artfulness.
simple interest interest computed on principal only, rather than on accrued interest plus principal. (Cf. compound interest.)
simple machine a basic mechanical device, such as a lever, pulley, wedge, screw, or inclined plane, that is designed to apply force or power in order to perform a task.
simpleminded not complex or sophisticated. [3 definitions]
simple sentence a sentence that has only one clause, such as "Early in the morning we waited for the bus".
simpleton one who is silly, dull-witted, or easily tricked; fool.
simplicity the quality or condition or an instance of being simple. [3 definitions]
simplify to make plainer, easier, or less complex.
simplistic excessively simplified, as to be unrealistic.
simply in a simple, straightforward manner; clearly. [4 definitions]
simulacrum a likeness or semblance of something. [2 definitions]
simulate to imitate or reproduce the appearance, sound, or other external characteristics or qualities of. [2 definitions]
simulation the act or process of pretending or imitating. [3 definitions]
simulator a device, machine, or computer that produces, as realistically as possible, an environment or certain conditions for training or experimentation.
simulcast a simultaneous broadcast of a program on both television and radio. [2 definitions]
simultaneous existing, occurring, or done at the same general time or at the same moment.
simultaneously at the very same time.