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simply in a simple, straightforward manner; clearly. [4 definitions]
simulacrum a likeness or semblance of something. [2 definitions]
simulate to imitate or reproduce the appearance, sound, or other external characteristics or qualities of. [2 definitions]
simulation the act or process of pretending or imitating. [3 definitions]
simulator a device, machine, or computer that produces, as realistically as possible, an environment or certain conditions for training or experimentation.
simulcast a simultaneous broadcast of a program on both television and radio. [2 definitions]
simultaneous existing, occurring, or done at the same general time or at the same moment.
simultaneously at the very same time.
sin1 violation of religious law. [5 definitions]
sin2 the name of the twenty-first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
Sinai see "Mount Sinai." [2 definitions]
since from then until now (often prec. by "ever"). [6 definitions]
sincere genuine, true, and unaffected. [2 definitions]
sincerely with true and honest feelings (often used as a closing in a letter).
sincerity a thorough and genuine honesty; candor; earnestness.
sine in trigonometry, the ratio, in a right triangle, of the length of a side opposite an acute angle to the length of the hypotenuse. [2 definitions]
sinecure a paid position or office that requires little or no work. [2 definitions]
sine die (Latin) having no set day or date for the next meeting or future business.
sine qua non (Latin) something necessary; indispensable item or condition.
sinew a tendon or tendons. [3 definitions]
sine wave a smooth, periodic oscillation that is the graphical representation of a sine function.