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singly one by one; individually.
singsong a regular, repetitive tonal rise and fall of the voice. [3 definitions]
singular extraordinary or exceptional. [5 definitions]
singularity the fact or condition of being singular. [2 definitions]
singularize to make singular or conspicuous.
Sinhalese of or pertaining to Sri Lanka or its dominant people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
sinister threatening or foreshadowing evil, injury, or danger; menacing; ominous. [3 definitions]
sinistral on or of the left side; left. (Cf. dextral.) [3 definitions]
sinistrorse growing upward in a spiral from right to left, as the stems of some vines. (Cf. dextrorse.)
Sinitic a branch of the Sino-Tibetan family of languages that includes Chinese. [2 definitions]
sink to fall or drop slowly to another level. [11 definitions]
sinkable combined form of sink.
sinker one that sinks. [2 definitions]
sinkhole a depression or cavity formed in the earth when underlying material collapses.
sinking fund a fund set aside to pay off the long-term debt of a state or corporation.
sinless being without or free from sin; innocent.
sinner a person who sins or does wrong.
Sinn Fein a militant nationalist organization founded in Ireland about 1905 to promote political and economic independence, and now promoting the unification of Ireland.
Sino- Chinese.
Sinology the study of Chinese language, culture, history, and the like.
Sino-Tibetan a family of languages that are spoken in central and southeastern Asia, including Tibetan, Burmese, and others.