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sirup variant of syrup.
Sir Walter Raleigh an English explorer who founded a short-lived colony on what is now Roanoke Island, Virginia (b.1554--d.1618).
sis (informal) sister (often used as a term of address).
sisal a stiff fiber used to make rope and similar products. [2 definitions]
sissy (informal) an effeminate man or boy. [2 definitions]
sister a female having the same parents as another person. [4 definitions]
sisterhood the state of being a sister. [4 definitions]
sister-in-law the sister of one's spouse. [3 definitions]
sisterly befitting or like a sister. [2 definitions]
Sistine Chapel the pope's chapel in the Vatican at Rome, noted for its frescoes by Michelangelo and others.
Sisyphus in Greek mythology, a king of Corinth who chained Death when he came for him, and was doomed forever in Hades to roll a heavy stone uphill, only to have it roll down again.
sit to position oneself so that one is resting on the buttocks and thighs, or to be in such a position. [8 definitions]
sitar a lute of India with a long wide fretted neck, six or seven playing strings, and a number of resonating strings that produce sympathetic vibrations.
sit back to put oneself comfortably in a chair or other type of seat. [2 definitions]
sitcom (informal) situation comedy.
sit-down a strike in which workers remain at their place of employment until an agreement is reached; sit-down strike. [2 definitions]
sit down to move one's body to a position in which one is resting on one's buttocks.
site the location or proposed location of a town, city, building, or the like. [4 definitions]
sit-in an organized passive occupation of a prohibited area, as in a racially segregated establishment, a university, or a corporation, to demonstrate against the policies pursued therein.
sit shiva to receive guests during shiva.
sitter a person who sits, such as a baby-sitter. [2 definitions]