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skimmer a flat utensil with holes, used to skim liquids. [4 definitions]
skim milk milk from which the cream has been separated.
skimp to be stingy or very sparing. [2 definitions]
skimpy too few, too small, or too thin; barely adequate; scanty. [2 definitions]
skin the thin, pliable tissue covering the animal or human body. [8 definitions]
skin-deep being only as deep as the skin. [2 definitions]
skin diving swimming in which the swimmer is equipped to move about quickly and easily underwater, as with flippers, face mask, scuba equipment, or the like.
skin flick (slang) a film that emphasizes nudity and explicit sex.
skinflint a stingy person; miser.
skin game any dishonest or fraudulent scheme or trick; swindle.
skin grafting a surgical transplanting of skin to replace skin that is destroyed.
skinhead (slang) one who is bald or has a shaved head. [2 definitions]
skink any of numerous mostly small lizards that have a long shiny body and short legs.
skinless having no skin or casing.
skinned having the skin removed.
skinner a person who sells animal skins or prepares animal skins for selling. [3 definitions]
Skinner box a box or enclosure used in laboratories in which animal responses to certain stimuli are conditioned by rewards and punishments.
skinny extremely thin and bony. [2 definitions]
skinny-dip (informal) to swim without clothing; swim nude. [2 definitions]
skin test any test for an allergy or disease by which a test substance is applied to the skin for a reaction.
skintight fitting very closely to the body.