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skin test any test for an allergy or disease by which a test substance is applied to the skin for a reaction.
skintight fitting very closely to the body.
skip to jump forward lightly by sliding and hopping on each foot alternately. [10 definitions]
ski pants pants that fit closely at the ankles, worn for winter sports.
skip count in mathematics education, to name every other number when counting; count by twos.
skipjack any of various food fishes that leap above the surface of the water, such as the bluefish, bonito, or tuna.
skiplane an airplane with skis for landing on and taking off from snow.
ski pole a slender pole with a disk near the lower end and a strap or grip at the top for the hand, used in pairs by skiers.
skipper1 the master or captain, esp. of a ship. [2 definitions]
skipper2 one that skips. [2 definitions]
skirl to produce shrill piercing tones, as of a bagpipe. [2 definitions]
skirmish a minor or preliminary battle between small military units. [3 definitions]
skirmisher a soldier who is part of a group stationed next to or in front of a larger battalion. Skirmishers take part in minor preliminary battles with enemy troops and serve to protect the larger body of their own troops.
skirt a woman's or girl's garment that hangs from the waist. [7 definitions]
ski run a slope, trail, or course for skiing.
skit a short, usu. humorous theatrical sketch. [2 definitions]
ski tow a kind of ski lift by which skiers clinging to a cable are pulled up the slope on their skis.
skitter to skip, bounce, or glide lightly and quickly over a surface. [2 definitions]
skittish easily startled or excited. [3 definitions]
skive (chiefly British; informal) to be absent from school or work without having permission (often fol. by "off"); play hooky. [2 definitions]
skoal to your health! (used as a drinking toast).