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skipper2 one that skips. [2 definitions]
skirl to produce shrill piercing tones, as of a bagpipe. [2 definitions]
skirmish a minor or preliminary battle between small military units. [3 definitions]
skirmisher a soldier who is part of a group stationed next to or in front of a larger battalion. Skirmishers take part in minor preliminary battles with enemy troops and serve to protect the larger body of their own troops.
skirt a woman's or girl's garment that hangs from the waist. [7 definitions]
ski run a slope, trail, or course for skiing.
skit a short, usu. humorous theatrical sketch. [2 definitions]
ski tow a kind of ski lift by which skiers clinging to a cable are pulled up the slope on their skis.
skitter to skip, bounce, or glide lightly and quickly over a surface. [2 definitions]
skittish easily startled or excited. [3 definitions]
skive (chiefly British; informal) to be absent from school or work without having permission (often fol. by "off"); play hooky. [2 definitions]
skoal to your health! (used as a drinking toast).
Skopje the capital of the Republic of North Macedonia.
SKU an abbreviation for stock keeping unit.
skua a large brown and white gull-like predatory bird, found in cold seas.
skulduggery wicked cunning and deception. [2 definitions]
skulk to hide or wait in hiding; lurk. [3 definitions]
skull the bony framework of the head and face in vertebrates. [3 definitions]
skull and crossbones a representation of a human skull with two long bones crossed beneath it, formerly used on pirates' flags and now used as a warning sign, as on poisons.
skullcap a small, round, soft, brimless cap worn on the crown of the head; yarmulke.
skunk a small, meat-eating North American mammal with black fur, a bushy tail, and a broad white stripe down its back, noted for the foul smell of the fluid it ejects when alarmed. [3 definitions]