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skysail the uppermost sail on the mainmast of a square-rigged ship.
skyscraper an extremely tall building.
skyward to or toward the sky. [2 definitions]
skyway a route for travel by air; air lane. [3 definitions]
skywrite to perform skywriting. [2 definitions]
skywriting the act, process, or method of tracing words or designs in the sky with a visible chemical vapor released from an airplane in flight. [2 definitions]
slab a flat, usu. wide and thick piece of some solid, such as rock or food. [3 definitions]
slack1 not tight or taut. [12 definitions]
slack2 the fragments and dust left after coal has been screened.
slacken to decrease activity, strength, speed, intensity, or the like. [2 definitions]
slacker one who shuns or avoids work or other obligations.
slack off to work in a slow or lazy manner, or to relax instead of working.
slacks trousers for men or women, esp. for casual wear.
slag the fused residue of ore from which the metal has been separated by smelting. [3 definitions]
slain past participle of slay.
slake to satisfy or relieve (thirst, appetite, lust, or the like) by decreasing the strength or intensity of. [3 definitions]
slaked lime a powder produced by combining lime with water and used in mortars, plasters, and cements; calcium hydroxide.
slalom a downhill ski race back and forth around poles or gates marking the course. [2 definitions]
slam1 to shut (a door, lid, or the like) with force and loud noise. [6 definitions]
slam2 the winning of all, or all but one, of the tricks in one hand of a card game such as bridge or whist. [3 definitions]
slam-bang (informal) swiftly and recklessly. [6 definitions]